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My Kid's Friday Night Date at Pancake House

It was supposed to be just me and my close friend meeting up on a Friday night, but my kid overheard me leaving and wanted to tag along. Since he has no school the next day, then I gave in to his plead. We met up with the godmother of my son at Wilcon City Center along Visayas Avenue since that is near our place. My kid only had a few rides/games at the jampacked arcade because it was very chaotic there...both kids and even adults were kinda wild. My friend suggested Pancake House and it was a relief for me because the restaurant was not full and we sat in a nice corner. The waitress gave my kid some colors and an activity sheet. Knowing my kid, he only colored a few and got lazy again...LOL. 
Each time I ask him to write his name, he ignores me or won't do it. He only writes his name if he wanted to show off...and he did that night to impress his Godmother. So proud of you boy!
Since we already had dinner, I ordered Spaghetti with Meat Sauce which can be seen at the Kid's Menu. It was worth P165 and the serving was huge with two slices of toasted garlic bread. The spaghetti was not that sweet and I enjoyed the beefiness of its sauce topped with grated cheese. The bread was toasted perfectly and tasted good as well. 
My friend ordered Spaghetti Club Special Set which is worth P216. It is a platter of spaghetti and 2 slices of clubhouse sandwich served with soup and iced tea. She was already full so she asked me to eat one slice of the sandwich. It was delicious and has chicken, bacon and veggies in it. 
I ordered Mango Crepe with ice cream for dessert, but they were out of I just ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream for my kid. It tasted like guess what? Vanilla..LOL. No need to make a review of this except that for around P50, I think it is too much for a scoop of ice cream...maybe if its a special kind of ice cream like with nuts or chocolate bits.
Pancake House is really perfect for the whole family because their menu selection caters to everyone...ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. They also have their own restroom, which was clean and very spacious... ideal for those with limited mobility. If you are planning to eat here, make sure to prepare paying around P250 to P300 per person because of the tax and service charge. If you don't eat much, then you can just share a special set to save up. 
Check out the Pancake House Menu

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  1. im a big fan of pancake house...super love having breakfast there!

  2. must-try in pancake house are their pancakes smothered with peanut butter and ice cream...yummy!


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