Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Thin Smile for Fat Boy's Pizza

I was tempted to buy a voucher when I saw the promo of Fat Boy's Pizza! Imagine paying just half the price for two supersize 14-inch pizzas worth P590. It is like buy one and take one in pizzas and being a pizza lover, that definitely is a good deal! I checked out the website of Fat Boy's Pizza so I can see my choices on pizzas. The pictures on the website and the voucher ad made the pizza look scrumptious and really make me want to take a bite right away.
The branch I chose was SM City North EDSA Food Court because that is closer to my place. There are also seats there where I can eat the pizza because some branches are just stalls where you end up eating the pizza standing up. It was the last day of the promo and I was pressured to use the voucher. It was raining hard all day, but thankfully it stopped for awhile, so me and my kid decided to go to SM City after Church. I texted my mom to meet us there  so she can share the pizza with us. After buying some stuff for my kid, we got fruit shake then headed to the Food Court. I asked the guard where the branch of Fat Boy's Pizza is and he told me that it is not opened yet. D@#n! My kid and I walked back to The Block where there is another branch and claimed my pizzas there. It was just a small stall so my feet was hurting from standing up and waiting for the pizzas. Then, I have to carry those huge boxes of pizza back to the Food Court because that's the only place where I can eat them. 

Finally I can sink in my teeth on the two kinds of 14-inch pizzas...the girl told me that they are Hawaiian Supreme and All Meaty Special...but I think the ingredients kind of mixed up.
The supposedly Hawaiian Supreme looked different from the website. There were pepperoni, spring onion and mushroom whereas it should only be sweet ham and pineapple. There were more dough than toppings on the pizza. It was also cold like it was only half cooked. Very disappointing! 
 The All Meaty seemed to look more accurate except that again it lacks toppings. It tastes better than the so-called Hawaiian, but again it was more like eating bread than pizza. We only ate around 5 pizzas and brought the rest back home so we can put it in the oven before eating. I would have been happier and more satisfied eating a smaller pizza from Yellow Cab than eating two huge pizzas or should I say bread pizza with the same worth. Lesson learned! Don't be deceived by the pictures and the number of people buying the voucher. It is best to ask friends who have actually tasted the food. I would have been more pissed if I paid P590 for two lousy pizzas from Fat Boy's Pizza. The most polite thing I can do for Fat Boy's Pizza is give it a thin smile. 

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  1. Bumili din ako ng voucher yan at buti na lang mura lang ang binayaran ko pero kung original price di talaga ako bibili ulit sa fat boys...parang puro crust lang