Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak is Perfect for A Rainy Friday Night

It has been raining for weeks and that means traffic too! The image of the streets during the rush hour seem like a battlefield and if you are unlucky, you can end up in a car coma for hours. I thought that my daily ordeal would end because it was Friday afternoon...I was ready to shout TGIF heading to the MRT when I saw the line and it was only around 5pm. The guard told me that there was a delay that's why they won't let people in. I got stressed out because I had a family dinner that time and I might not make it on time so I took chance on the FX station at SM Megamall. I waited there for more than 30 minutes before I got a ride and the rain kept on pouring hard which slowed down the FX. I paid more taking a different route so I can just take a ride right away. I was hungry so I drank my favorite strawberry banana fruit shake from FRUIT MAGIC while waiting for my family who I thought would arrive ahead of me since they are just near Trinoma Mall. 

We ate at Sizzlin Pepper Steak which is located near Medical City, 2nd Floor of Trinoma Mall. There is a waiting area outside and inside with a TV ad so you can check out the K-Pop girls dancing...(K stands for

I ordered Beef Pepper Rice which is worth P165 and that included buttered vegetables in the middle and teriyaki sauce. My mom ordered Beef Curry Pepper Rice which is worth P260. It looks the same and the only difference is the does that mean the curry is worth more or less 100 bucks?

There is a paper cover that would protect you from getting splashes of sauce because the plate is sizzling hot! You need to put the sauce whether you choose teriyaki or gravy. The problem was they did not serve the sauce together with the plates. We need to wait for the sauce to be served. Make sure to turn the meat because it is not that cooked well and the hot plate would evenly cook it. After the meat is done, all you have to do is mix everything: the rice, meat and vegetables (very little). The food is good and would certainly satisfy those who have a huge appetite. I shared my order with my kid and I was still full. 

The place was nice and there is a sign there that says MOVE which means that a waiter would approach you if you put that sign. If you change it to STOP it means that you don't need their service.
There is a small NO SMOKING sign too...tell that to the sizzling plates coz they are causing smoke everywhere...LOL. The smoke exhaust was not that working I think because there were still smoke after we got our orders.

My overall experience at Sizzlin Pepper Steak is average. There are dishes that are affordable. The place is comfortable. The service is quite slow. The cold weather and rain would surely make anyone hungry so eating there would be quite a treat for you.
Check out the Sizzlin Pepper Steak Menu

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  1. My family loves eating at Sizzlin Pepper in Trinoma during weekends. You should go there early lunch or dinner because the place gets packed