Saturday, August 25, 2012

Affordable Meals at Manang's Chicken

I still can't forget the first time I have tasted the famous chicken at Manang's Chicken.
Since my dining experience there have always been good, then I was confident to bring my kid with me at Manang's Chicken even if I have a tight budget. 
One boring Saturday, my 4-year old kid and I decided to check out the new Wilcon City Center along Visayas Avenue.  We always pass by that establishment, but never been there so I guess it is about time to check it out. I know that they have an arcade and Manang's Chicken there so everything was already planned. I let my kid play first before having late snack/early dinner at Manang's Chicken. The huge logo and screaming red interior made this restaurant hard to miss...even from afar.
It was surprising that Wilcon was not that crowded and it was on a Saturday...I think mainly because the mall is less accessible than its nearby competitors like Savemore, Cherry and Circle C.  If you have a car, then it would be easier...but if you are commuting, then only those who live along Visayas Avenue would find this place accessible. 
The staff of Manang's Chicken were friendly and accommodating....they should be because there were only like 2 pairs of customers eating there plus us...LOL.

I like the design of the restaurant...very bold and bright which gives you more energy to eat...LOL...unlike dim restaurants that would make you want to sleep more than dine. I ordered chicken with original sauce and spaghetti meal which is worth P124. I really prefer the spicy one, but my kid won't be able to eat it so I have to settle for the original sweet soy sauce. I also ordered rice worth P15 because I won't be satisfied eating just the chicken. That meal included a drink already so imagine spending only P139 for two people...isn't that worth it?
I am not that fond of their spaghetti because they use like cheese sauce on top and not real grated cheese. The noodles was a little overcooked and the sauce was kinda sweet. I was trying to force my kid to eat it, but he does not like to so I let him taste the bestseller of Manang's Chicken, which is their (bon-chon style) chicken. My kid liked the taste of it so we shared the chicken. I was glad that their chicken was huge unlike other restaurants so both of us were satisfied with what we ate. We just took home the leftover spaghetti and to my surprise, my kid ate it when he got home..LOL. Maybe he was just not in the mood to eat spaghetti at that are weird sometimes.

Despite of the sweet and cheese whiz spaghetti, I highly recommend Manang's Chicken because of their affordable meals and of course their superb chicken! Here is the Manang's Chicken Menu for those who are interested in eating there. 

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  1. i really love the chicken there! i usually go to their branch in katipunan cos thats near our place

  2. I also dont like their spag but their chicken is something to die for..nakakaaddict!